The top ten digital creators and fashion influencers of 2023

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Did you know that there are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram? And that’s a growing number. Most of these profiles belong to the fashion industry, which for many years has been moving on social platforms thanks to digital creators and fashion influencers increasingly avant-garde. Knowing some of these profiles and their respective peculiarities can be a great opportunity to complete your digital communication strategy and today the focus will be precisely this. And for a truly complete overview, in addition to discovering the top ten fashion influencers of 2023, take a look at the latest news on social media strategy and influencer marketing!

This great attention to social media and digital tools was born just to break into the Fashion scene of a precise target to be intercepted and involved: generations Y and Z. It can be said that millennials have revolutionized the world of fashion and the way of shopping through social networks. In recent years, online shopping has grown dramatically, compared to physical stores. For this reason, many brands, from the fashion industry and beyond, use social media as a new showcase, involving digital creators, bloggers or influencers, to create a more social media centric, and therefore engaging and personalized.

Fashion Influencers and digital creators: who are they?

Instagram is populated by different digital creators and fashion influencers. There are journalists, designers, trendsetters, experts and critics of the sector, fashion enthusiasts, popularizers who tell their vision of fashion integrating values such as sustainability, retail and AI, but also celebrities and characters from different worlds like music, art or TV.

Many brands have equipped themselves in recent years and now use Instagram (and social media in general) to monetize their project. This, as well as for a commercial and advertising side, also for the possibility through the social networks themselves to identify the tastes and interests of their customers. And it is well known how this knowledge is today the basis for building an effective strategy and better manage corporate social channels.

The fashion influencers you need to know in 2023

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Chiara Ferragni

It’s almost obvious but in first place is confirmed this year the radiant Chiara Ferragni. Digital entrepreneur, blogger and designer, is a true cornerstone of fashion communication on social networks. Chiara, in addition to having founded her own empire optimizing her propensities and skills related to the history of fashion, costume and future trends, is also testimonial of many leading brands such as Pantene, Intimissimi and Swarovski, to name a few.

Paola Turani

With its 1.8 million followers, Paola Turani is one of the most followed fashion influencers on Instagram, as well as being one of the most anticipated faces during Milan Fashion Week. Model and influencer, shares her life and many beauty tips on social media. Among the brands he represented and recounted through his social channels we remember Calzedonia and Morellato, Versace and Calvin Klein.

Erika Boldrin

Erika Boldrin is another digital creator and fashion influencer very popular on Istagram, entrepreneur and lover of everything that is fashion and creativity. A few years ago he created his personal brand Honieh, a brand of green cosmetics. In addition to this has a blog, My Free Choice, space where you can deepen trends and stories of style, as well as many fashion tips.

Allegra Shaw

Together with Shirin Soltani, Allegra created @unclexstudios. The two girls started a truly versatile fashion collection. The fashion brand tells of a multiform style that inevitably recalls the vicissitudes and peculiarities of everyday life. Their collections are imbued with a particular attention to fabrics and clean and dry shapes. Their garments are created according to the philosophy of “less is more“, which today redefines the notion of luxury.

Matilda Djerf

Here is another creator who has been able to carve her space in the lively and crowded world of fashion. @djerfavenue is his Swedish-born brand. In his way of interpreting fashion is evident the great love for vintage, accompanied by simple and essential lines. Matilda’s garments are distinguished by the high quality of raw materials and great attention to the processing of fabrics, as well as an iconic evergreen style.

Maria Bernad

His brand @lesfleurstudio stands out for its avant-garde and eclectic personality, but what characterizes his communication is above all the value given to sustainability and reuse of garments, an increasingly urgent theme within the fashion world. In fact, many of its garments are produced through an elaborate recycling process, with the aim of making final buyers aware.

Anne-Laure Mais

Anne founded @musierparis, a brand she herself is the creative director of. What characterizes his collections is the alternation of different styles inspired by the Parisian allure and the eclectic freshness of Spanish fashion. All this, confirmed by a deep knowledge of the history of costume and fashion.

Inés Arroyo

His brand @laagam___ impresses with the use of bright colors and original patterns that speak of his Spanish origins. A bold and carefree fashion concept, where luxury marries harmony and beauty becoming an everyday experience. Inés also continues the debate on sustainability and environmental protection. Much of his communication is indeed focused on this and, in fact, all his collections are designed and handmade in Spain, with great attention to the work of recycling.

Veronica Ferraro

Veronica Ferraro is the creator of one of the most followed fashion blogs “The Fashion Fruit” with which she debuted and on which she shares fashion tips. Today it is part of the Fashion revolution that happens on social media. His style in presenting clothes and accessories is always fresh and, for years, continues to fascinate more and more followers.

Chiara Biasi

A digital creator, Chiara also made her debut with a fashion blog: in a few years her project was successful. Chiara, in addition to working on social media as an influencer, is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her brand “Matinée” produces swimsuits and beachwear.

How to identify the ideal Fashion Influencer for your social media strategy

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Influencer marketing is one of the most effective social media strategies to boost your brand’s presence on social media. It promotes the expansion of the audience, direct contacts with it and the possibility of conquering it thanks to creative and professional experiments, original content created to measure by digital creators.

There are several influencer marketing platforms that companies can use to identify the best influencers to collaborate with. The Eco della Stampa, thanks to social media monitoring services, allows you to identify the most attractive influencers for your audience of users, but also to find and analyze all digital content products, to refine the social media strategy and enhance its brand reputation.

Thanks to a complete monitoring within the social media landscape it is therefore possible to recognize the top influencers, that is the most suitable for your brand, thus creating a strategy of influencer marketing tailored and effective.

Milan Fashion Week shows the human side of the industry

The Milan fashion week S/S 2024 has just ended, an opportunity to get to know trends, processes and news related to the fashion chain, among the most powerful and influential worldwide.

The commitment, very active, for sustainability, inclusivity and collaboration, emerged clearly from fashion shows and events, from the details of the garments and the guests and Ambassadors who have joined the designers in the creation and presentation of the S/S 2024 collections. To follow behind the scenes of Milan Fashion Week and fully grasp these powerful, positive and moving inputs, you can keep up to date on these aforementioned profiles. And enjoy all the human and true, authentic side of fashion.

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