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Stay informed about the state-of-the-art in your industry and seize every new opportunity

Don’t miss the most significant news for your business. Receive articles and posts that contain keywords relevant to your target industry. This allows you to keep an open window on the media landscape and adapt your communication strategy to unexpected changes or emerging trends.

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Get daily key articles that all industry professionals can't miss

Relevant articles about your industry can bring out new opportunities and anticipate emerging issues. We put our expertise at your disposal to create thoughtful and qualified industry press review. Articles are selected by a team of experts, supported by sophisticated OCR, profiling and semantic analysis techniques.

Measure industry trends and their relevance in the media

Analyze trends over time, filter and measure industry themes and topics. Through the real-time analytics platform, you can check news reach with metrics such as distribution by media, most influential headlines, regional target map, impact of tagged key articles, and more.

Identify target influencers on each different social media outlet

Listen to social conversations on specific topics or channels that interest you and identify new opportunities. With our dedicated social dashboard you can intercept trends, identify influencers and discover how to improve communication on key topics in your industry.

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