Competitive intelligence

Keep an eye on your competitors and stay one step ahead

Understanding where you stand in relation to your competitors or comparables is an increasingly strategic competitive element. Learning from others’ successes and mistakes allows you to adapt your communication accordingly and highlight possible new areas of business.

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Monitor competitors and companies similar to yours

Include competitor minitoring within your press review. Our editorial staff will profile a thoughtful, customized press review for you so that it is quick and efficient to consult meaningful content about the players you are interested in.

Compare your data with those of competitors

Competition analysis provides benchmarks to evaluate one’s activities. The integrated analytics dashboard processes key indicators such as audience, economic evaluation, sentiment and more, in real-time. Rely on the analyst team to get insights and structured reports for every need.

Study your competitors' social contents and learn more about their strategies

What are your competitors doing on social media? Tracking this information can be time-consuming, but it is crucial to capture and maintain a distinctive positioning. With our social listening platform you easily monitor other players’ posts, reach or engagement data, influencers and the users who follow them.

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