Real-time analysis of media presence

Measure the results of monitoring all media, in real-time and with a single tool. Intelligence by L’Eco della Stampa offers an integrated solution for measuring your brand image. Analysis metrics are displayed in a wide range of charts to return the complete assessment of media coverage.

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Real-time data

Real-time processing of media intelligence graphs to measure goals and advanced features to extract reports, at any time.


Artificial Intelligence

The combination of Artificial Intelligence systems allows each metric to be analyzed specifically. From sentiment data of articles and posts to the percentage of dependence on digital media.


Proprietary algorithms

Instant access to key metrics for each media, the result of the experience of L'Eco della Stampa team, gained by responding to the needs of thousands of customers over the years.

Discover the results of your communication with one cross-media dashboard

View your communication analytics metrics as they update in real time across all monitored media. Identify the sources and influencers most relevant to your business in print, web, radio, television and social media.

Quickly access to the most important metrics

The layout organized in sections allows you to move quickly through the parameters and collect the most important ones on one page. Graphs are dynamic and declined across all available sources. The comparison section allows you to compare periods of your choice.

Check the progress of your focus of interest

Use the advanced search features to filter print, web, radio, television, and social media content, select tags, and refine results on specific aspects of your communication.

What solutions can I integrate?

Radio and Tv monitoring

Get audio and video clips from over 150 broadcasters just 20 minutes after the live broadcast.

social media monitoring

Social media monitoring

Detect in real-time all mentions of your interest posted on major social media.

report di analisi avanzata

Advanced analysis reports

Our purpose-built reports provide tailored measurement of your communication.

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