Who are the 15 LinkedIn influencers in Italy?

There are 15 top LinkedIn influencers (Linkedin top voices according to the official wording) selected by LinkedIn Italy itself: Mariangela Pira, Filippo Poletti, Rudy Bandiera, Fulvio Giuliani, Marta Basso, Nicola Vanin, Nicoletta Boldrini, Nino Cartabellotta, Roberta Zantedeschi, Marianna Chillau, Luigi Bertilorenzi, Simona Riccio, Melania Aloia, Cristiana Caserta and Paolo Benanti.

Each of them contributes to enliven the debate dedicated to the world of work in the professional portal. And they are the ones who show us the way to promote our brand on the Web: alongside a thematic thread to be cultivated, it is indeed necessary to give life to an editorial plan articulated in posts and articles.

Quality content, combined with a well-structured editorial plan, is the secret to standing out on LinkedIn. And never more so than today, in the face of an employment world characterized by a strong information asymmetry (employers are not aware, with rare exceptions, of candidates’ strengths), it is necessary to mark yourself online through contributions reserved for specific and well-edited topics.

Let’s get to know, in detail, the profiles of LinkedIn’s most followed influencers. The top voices to know. And how they themselves present themselves online through their profiles. We do so by sorting them precisely starting from the number of followers they reach, that is what undisputedly identifies them as the influencers of LinkedIn Italy; we start with Mariangela Pira, followed by Filippo Poletti and then all the other great protagonists of this special.

LinkedIn Italy’s ranking of the 15 top voices

Mariangela Pira, reporter – 214K follower

Mariangela Pira; LinkedIn top voices; LinkedIn Italia; Sky TG24; podcast; 3Fattori; Influencer di LinkedIn

“A sort of compass for those who want to stay informed, starting with numbers and data.” This is how the SkyTG24 journalist and anchor describes her “3 Factors,” the video out every morning on LinkedIn that, with popular language and timely citation of the sources used, makes simple the most complex topics of economic, but also social, debate. Also available as a podcast.




Filippo Poletti, digital communications manager, LinkedIn top voice – 105K follower

Filippo Poletti; LinkedIn top voices; Influencer di LinkedIn; Rassegna del Lavoro; New Normal Live;

Digital communications expert, professional journalist and trainer, Filippo Poletti writes daily on LinkedIn about work with the hashtag #RASSEGNALAVOROIT, the theme of his book “Grammar of the New World.” Acknowledged today as one of the most influential LinkedIn influencers, he hosts the talk New Normal Live in partnership with L’Eco della Stampa, focused on the present and future of the professions. In addition, his feed is never short of news, best practices, and job openings.





Rudy Bandiera, marketing popularizer and creator – 68K follower

Rudy Bandiera; LinkedIn top voices; LinkedIn Italia;

He presents himself as “the mix between Alberto Angela and Fiorello,” a definition that sums up his souls as popularizer and anchorman. An author of books on web marketing, lecturer and speaker, Rudy shares his thoughts on communication and innovation through a variety of formats and channels. From in-depth text to image, from produced videos to live streaming.




Fulvio Giuliani, journalist – 75K follower

Fulvio Giuliani; La Regione; Ticino; Filippo Poletti

Fulvio Giuliani is a journalist, anchor and editor of the new newspaper La Ragione. In his scheduled video column on LinkedIn, 60 seconds’, he shares views and comments on current issues that spark lively confrontations. All with a reporter’s edge and a modern, inclusive approach. His main areas of interest include the economy, but also school, culture and sports. His contributions and insights can also be read and appreciated by consulting the website or app of the newspaper La Ragione, which is seeing a rapid rise thanks to the strong digital imprinting combined with valuable content for in-depth and impartial reporting.




Marta Basso, co-founder of Generation Warriors – 46K follower

Marta Basso; Generation Warriors

Entrepreneur, author and LinkedIn influencer, Marta is a prolific content creator. Her content includes a focus on both professional and personal experiences and growth, news pertaining to the digital world, and much more. Original and straightforward, she believes the pandemic has accelerated “a drastic change in the online communication of companies and professionals,” which she advises to address with genuineness.




Nicola Vanin, chief information security officer – 40K follower

Nicola Vanin; cyber security; LinkedIn top voices

Cyber security is one of the most important aspects to take into account in the connected, digital world we live in. And Nicola, an information security manager by profession, shares posts on the LinkedIn social network on this very subject. Her content aims to raise awareness about cyber threats and the importance of data protection. He thinks the best conversations are those in which, while confronting points of view different from his own, everything ends with “a virtual handshake.”




Nicoletta Boldrini, independent journalist – 33K follower

Nicoletta Boldrini; LinkedIn top voices; LinkedIn Italia; Filippo Poletti

The popularization of topics related to technological development – bio and nanotechnology, computer science and cognitive systems – is at the center of the content shared by Nicoletta. Trends, scenarios and possible futures thanks to silicon and science are often the focus of her posts and articles. Which analyze precisely the risks and opportunities of technology for companies, society and the environment.




Nino Cartabellotta, president GIMBE foundation – 87K follower

Nino Cartabellotta; Influencer di LinkedIn

In the months of the health emergency, Nino’s has stood out as one of the most thoughtful and authoritative voices. Both on independent analysis of the coronavirus pandemic and on critical issues in the health care system. Expect, then, lots of data and just as many science-themed insights.





Roberta Zantedeschi, business coach – 64K follower

Roberta Zantedeschi; business coach; LinkedIn Italia; LinkedIn top voices; Filippo Poletti 

The content posted on LinkedIn by Roberta provides very practical guidance dictated by her experience as a recruiter. Often these are useful tips in the job search phase, other times reflections on the strength of the network and the importance of knowing how to curate it. Her posts speak both “to people who care about their presence in the job market” and “to companies who care about internal relational capital.”




Marianna Chillau, founder of 4eCom – 24K follower

Marianna Chillau; top voice; 4eCom

Marianna brings to her profile all the experience she has gained regarding the e-commerce market. She exploded after the advent of the pandemic, accompanying it with themes such as inclusion and gender equality in order “to inspire more and more women to work in digital.” She has long started a series of video interviews with entrepreneurs and professionals, with whom she delves into trends and perspectives in online retail and beyond.




Luigi Bertilorenzi, front desk agent – 25K follower

Luigi Bertilorenzi; Front desk agent; top voice

Active in the hospitality industry, Luigi, Front Desk Agent and LinkedIn Italy influencer, brings to the screen with a light but always competent tone situations, opinions and sales techniques and analysis related to the professional reality of hotel hospitality. It is his, for example, the story of the post-lockdown hotel return on the weekly planning system. As well as reflecting on news about the future of the industry and hoteliers’ relationship with online travel agencies.




Simona Riccio, agrifood & organic specialist – 106K follower

Simona Riccio; LinkedIn; LinkedIn Italia; top voices; agrifood

Communications and marketing consultant specializing in the world of agribusiness understood as the entire supply chain from the land to the table. Simona, among the top voices, shares analyses, studies, observatories, webinars and content taken from the conferences at which she participates as a speaker or spectator. All this with a special focus on the organic sector, food waste issues and digital communication tools.




Melania Aloia, content strategist – 11K follower

Melania Aloia; content strategist

The central theme of Melania’s shares is that of “good communication.” Tackled both from a more technical point of view and through stimuli of a more introspective and personal nature. With her strongly empathetic style, carried through her LinkedIn postings, she writes life stories that invite the reader to ask new questions. Also looking for new solutions. But also to pause for a moment to rethink the journey so far.




Cristiana Caserta, lecturer – 16K follower

Cristiana Caserta; docente; didattica; Influencer di LinkedIn.

Among the top LinkedIn Italy voices we also find Cristiana Caserta. Following her means delving into the world of teaching with one eye on classical culture and the other on technological innovation. In her online posts on LinkedIn, we talk about teaching methodologies and strategies, but also about current issues related to the world of schooling. And there is no shortage of advice on apps and digital tools to experiment with.




Paolo Benanti, professor Pontifical Gregorian University – 29K follower

Paolo Benanti; LinkedIn

Technology increasingly impacts our lives, presenting us with ethical and social challenges of which to be aware. And Father Paolo, one of the top voices of LinkedIn Italy, offers some interesting reflections on these issues. Which do not overlook the great benefit that artificial intelligence and other innovations bring to communities. But which also emphasize the need not to leave behind those who, in a fast-paced world, may prove more fragile than others.


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