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Discover the unified social media management, designed for companies, authorities and agencies

Social listening, posts scheduling, page analysis: with our solutions you track conversations about your company, check sentiment, discover influencers, monitor your pages and those of your competitors and easily stay in touch with your audience by creating and managing your editorial calendar.

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Listen to conversations and measure what matters

Social monitoring and analysis have never been easier! View all posts in a dedicated platform, find out how to identify influencers, trend topics, emoji and most mentioned hashtags; measure sentiment, reach and engagement, both on you and your competitors. Export data to Excel and create Power Point reports in just a few clicks.

Compare the insights of your social pages in all-in-one view

Quickly access the analytics of your Facebook, X-Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. By linking your pages to the Insight platform, you can monitor each of your social networks easily and intuitively. Keep an eye on follower growth, geography, interests, demographics, engagement and more, all in one tool.

Manage content with planning and publishing tools

With a single editor, you can create, organize, schedule on the editorial calendar and publish content on Facebook, Instagram, X-Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Pinterest and Telegram. Performance can also be measured with the same tool to further optimize work time.

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