Radio and Tv monitoring

Radio and television are still the most effective media for reaching a very large audience in a short time. Easily identifying television and radio passages containing mentions of interest remains a strategic element. Our service makes use of advanced speech-to-text recognition systems combined with a team of specialised professionals.

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Clip sent in few minutes

Receive audio and video clips of interest to your brand within just 30 minutes after airing.


150 channels and broadcasters

The most extensive monitoring in Italy of radio and television broadcasts with local and national coverage, whether terrestrial, digital or satellite.


High Definition

High-quality audio and video files can be downloaded and shared from the L'Eco della Stampa platform and app.

Discover the impact of television and radio

In a crowded media space, TV and radio remain relevant and influential sources. That is why it is important to monitor every single mention, even when it is not the result of specific planning.

Certify your presence in the territory

By constantly monitoring local, regional and national channels and broadcasters, you can assess the geographical coverage of your brand.

Simplify your work with our summaries

Eco Video team produces abstracts and ad-hoc media files for all our clients to enable easy and immediate verification of the relevance of television and radio coverage.

What solutions can I integrare?

rassegna stampa e web

Print and web monitoring

Stay up-to-date on what relevant press and web sources are publishing about your brand.

analisi della presenza mediatica

Real-time analysis of media presence

Gather and analyze metrics from all media in one place.

report di analisi avanzata

Advanced analysis reports

Our purpose-built reports provide tailored measurement of your communication

Our insights on Radio and Tv monitoring