Advanced analysis reports

L’Eco della Stampa’s team of analysts supports your organisation’s decision-making processes with high value-added quanti-qualitative analyses. Receive in-depth analysis reports, consult the details of each analysed item and download the data directly from the online platform.

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Accurate & qualified data

The staff of specialists takes with data from monitoring and reprocesses it to obtain highly qualified information.


Customized analysis

Charts, graphs, sentiment and commentary are included in ad hoc analysis reports packaged to meet strategic needs and requirements.


In-depth results

The experience and sensitivity of analysts is combined with sophisticated proprietary analysis software to provide insights into all the activities of interest.

Get specific measurements

A dedicated staff processes the data and provides precise information, with metrics calibrated to the actual media presence of each reality. Custom & cross-referencing data allows innovative keys to be identified.



Go deep on qualitative elements

The effectiveness of media coverage is examined through the analysis of key messages, sentiment, reputation of managers, topic classification and other indicators that measure the relevance of communication to the audience.

Get ad-hoc reports

The analyst team produces customized reports, with one-time or periodic delivery, to help you evaluate and compare different activities. So you can make your next communication actions more effective.



What solutions can I integrate?

rassegna stampa e web

Print and web monitoring

Stay up-to-date on what relevant press and web sources are publishing about your brand.

Radio and Tv monitoring

Get audio and video clips from over 150 broadcasters just 20 minutes after the live broadcast.

social media monitoring

Social media monitoring

Detect in real-time all mentions of your interest posted on major social media.

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