Social media analysis & insight

Keep a watchful eye on everything that happens on social media because user attitudes are constantly changing.
Listen and analyze conversations around your business and quickly access your pages’ statistics.

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All-in-one Dashboard

Direct access to all minitored posts and possibility to ntegrate the most popular ones in your press reviews. Direct link to your own social pages for an overview of the performance of Facebook, X-Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.


Influencers Analysis

Functional area dedicated to the study of authors, which is essential for identifying the most relevant users, potential stakeholders, promoters or detractors of the brand.


Performance Indicators

Easy-to-consult dashboard with results that update in real-time to assess achievement of goals in terms of reach, engagement, sentiment and other relevant indicators.

Measure your company performance on social media

Analyze the engagement trends of conversations about you. Track the trends of all your social pages and follower growth. Identify the composition of your audience.

Learn from social, keep an eye on competitors

Learn best practices from your competitors or other channels important to your business. Track conversations and take cues from successes or failures to improve your strategies.

Identify crises and create reports in a few clicks

React promptly to any changes. With a highly intuitive platform, setting up custom alerts is also very easy. Use our automatic tagging systems. Create and download customizable analysis reports.

What solutions can I integrate?

social media monitoring

Social media monitoring

Detect in real-time all mentions of your interest posted on major social media.

social media publishing

Social media publishing

Publish your posts quickly&easily and manage them with multiple accounts by PostPickr.

rassegna stampa e web

Print and web monitoring

Stay up-to-date on what relevant press and web sources are publishing about your brand.

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