Press and web monitoring

By choosing L’Eco della Stampa you choose the landmark for press and web monitoring in Italy. Thousands of customers credit us for our best service in terms of timeliness, reliability and customisation. All this is possible thanks to advanced AI systems combined with the expertise of a Team of over 80 professionals, able to guarantee the best setup for each reality.

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The most extensive reading list on the market, in print and web, with national and international sources monitored with sophisticated OCR, tagging and semantic analysis techniques.


Custumer Care

Our Editorial and Technical Support Team is operational every day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. to solve the needs of all customers.



A dedicated and highly specialised profiling team to set up the best monitoring system for every need and market sector.

rassegna stampa

Wake up with the press review

We monitor press and web 24/7 to provide you with news of interest to your business. From the first morning you will be the first to know where your brand has appeared thanks to email alerts, real-time platform and iOS/Android app.


Find all industry mentions and trends

We monitor over 30,000 Italian and foreign newspapers and websites. Rely on the expertise of our profiling team and discover new areas of visibility beyond your products or services, management statements and your benchmark competitors.

Customize your press reviews

We tailor the service to the input of each individual customer with dedicated accounts and graphic customisation possibilities. You will be followed by our editorial team that is always attentive to your needs.

What solutions can I integrate?

analisi della presenza mediatica

Real-time analysis of media presence

Gather and analyze metrics from all media in one place.

Social media analysis & insight

Keep track of your brand's performance by monitoring all your social pages in one screen.

invio comunicati

Sending press release

Join the most comprehensive database of journalists in Europe and start issuing your press releases while complying with the GDPR.

Our insights on Press and web monitoring

Our insights on Press and web monitoring