Travel Influencers: who are the best on Instagram?

Places to discover, miles to travel, suitcases to pack and…content to share.

Travelling fascinates many, broadening horizons with unusual experiences. But they are not just part of working life, as can frequently happen: sometimes they are the real focus of one’s professional activity. We are of course talking about all those companies operating in the tourism and travel sector, but also about travel influencers.

Following a travel influencer‘s account to learn about places otherwise unreachable, or to choose which flight to book for the next destination, or even to rediscover the secrets and charms of one’s own country, is actually something that many of us do.

But what if your company wanted to choose the right profile for an influencer marketing campaign?

Factors to be considered

There is no doubt that a studied digital marketing strategy today must frequently consider collaborating with an influencer. But always paying attention to several factors. The number of followers loses relevance if it is not supported by a good engagement rate and an active community capable of positive interaction. Or let’s also think about the issue of fake followers, which is well known to all.

The credibility and authenticity that will characterize collaboration and communication are also key to achieving the goals set. Content in which there is a real connection between influencer and brand or product is more appreciated by users. These will surely have different effects than a forced partnership or content that lacks credibility. Or, worse, repeatedly submitted to users without variation.

To sum up: nothing should be left to chance, from the legal and moral clauses of the final contract, to the type of collaboration to the analysis of the numbers and content related to the chosen influencer. Even when we are talking about travel influencers.

Not sure where to start? Let’s start orienting by taking a look together at some of the top names active on Instagram

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Top Italian travel influencers on Instagram

Using social media analysis & insight tool by L’Eco della Stampa, we have compiled a list, which has no ranking value, of the best Italian influencers on Instagram who deal with the topic of travel and have turned their passion into a profession.

@thetravelization – Sara Rimondi and Lorenzo Amorosi

Since 2015, young Sara and Lorenzo, united in life and also in each of their adventures, have already visited more than 45 different states (but they always return to Bologna). Creators of the travel blog The Travelization, they also communicate through Instagram with over 300 thousand followers. Between on-the-road trips, tips for travelers, evocative shots and hidden or unusual places, Sara and Lorenzo boast an absolutely respectable resume with collaborations with big brands, and excellent storytelling skills.

@vologratis – Andrea Petroni

As he calls himself on Instagram, we are now talking about a “digital travel storyteller since 2009.” Andrea Petroni now spends most of his life traveling with his family. He tells it all on, which he opened almost as a joke and has now become a landmark in the travel blog scene, and on social channels.

On Instagram he is followed by over 170 thousand followers, and, often through reels, he helps all travel lovers with useful tips and directions to destinations to visit. He is also the author of three books, “Professione Travel Blogger” (2017), “In viaggio tra i borghi d’Italia” (2020) and “Passeggiate romane” (2021).

@the_globbers – Alessandro Zorzin and Luca Pezzolo

Full-time travelers since 2015, Alessandro and Luca are a couple from Padua who have found their ideal dimension in travel. All after totally disrupting a normal life with a permanent job by opening their website The Globbers. Over 280 thousand followers on Instagram and a great aesthetic care for shots and reels they share. Always careful to combine elements related to travel, lifestyle, food with their personal story.

To showcase dreamy places and inspire other adventure lovers to go. Maybe two of them.

@takemyhearteverywhere – Francesca Giovinazzo and Tommaso Fogliata

First meeting in 2011 in Milan, travelers since childhood with their families, Francesca and Tommaso birth Take My Heart Everywhere in 2016, where they share their travel postcards and which today has over 1 million followers. Their travel repost account @TravellingThroughTheWorld today is followed by over 3,5 million users. In addition to travel influencers, they are also passionate about photography, and they also offer social media management consulting and services.

@humansafari – Nicolò Balini

“Professional traveler” and co-founder of, which organizes group trips, Nicolò starts from YouTube, opening the Human Safari channel in 2012. Photographer and videomaker, present on all major social channels, today Humansafari is an Instagram account followed by 1 million followers, with whom many well-known brands have decided to collaborate, as well as travel-related realities and tourism entities.

Nicolò won the “Best Travel Blogger” award at the Macchianera Internet Awards in 2017 and 2018, and is the author of “Istantanee intorno al mondo” (Mondadori, 2018) and “Todo cambia.”

@giuligartner – Giulia Gartner

The Dolomites, the place where she grew up, inspired her and sparked her passion for photography.

All of her shots have a strong personal touch and are meant to show others her vision of the world around us. Giulia Gartner is followed by 380 thousand followers, and her profile often shows unspoiled places and experiences in close contact with nature, far from the classic idea of tourism. Her collaborations mainly focus on companies that are committed to sustainability and the preservation of the planet.

@miprendoemiportovia – Elisa Paterlini and Luca Golinelli

An online blog since 2011, started by Elisa, who only eight months later marries Luca. Together they travel to the four corners of the planet. It sounds like a fairy tale, yet it is reality.

They describe themselves as gypsy souls with a rock ‘n’ roll heart, travelers and not tourists, with a desire to be as “locals” as possible. @miprendoemiportovia now has 215 thousand followers. Over the years, Elisa and Luca have pursued partnerships with large companies, DMOs and institutions, and their initial project has been enriched, with the Miprendoemiportovia Digital Academy, the creative space for events and workshops Pop Corner Lab in Reggio Emilia, and the art project Dillo con un fumetto.

Still looking for the perfect profile to collaborate with your company?

Questi erano solo alcuni dei top influencer di viaggi italiani su Instagram.
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