Who we are: here is our story


L’Eco della Stampa is leader in Italy and among the most important European players in media intelligence.

It is also the Italian company that invests the most in its industry in technology, know-how and service capabilities. Every day thousands of clients use our services to enhance their marketing and communication functions, brand reputation, crisis management, and media analysis.

Social Media Monitoring

In 2013 we introduced social media monitoring, developing two different solutions for two different types of approaches: one focused on monitoring citations and another more structured for monitoring and analyzing the entire digital marketing strategy.

The Media Analysis department is born

Back in 2001 the Media Analysis department was established to provide clients with the high value-added information that only a careful qualitative and cross-media analysis of the entire monitoring system can provide.

Media monitoring goes online

The first version of L’Eco della Stampa’s digital platform is online. Press clippings and radio/television clips also become digital.

Media monitoring includes Radio and TV

Between the 1980s and 1990s, L’Eco della Stampa was the first company in Italy to extend monitoring to radio and television broadcasters by establishing the Eco Video division in 1984.

The foundation

Ignazio Frugiuele founds L’Eco della Stampa in Piazza Lucina in Rome. The goal is ambitious: to monitor the entire national press in order to deliver to clients only the articles of their interest. He quickly became a veritable institution in the communications industry, sending newspaper clippings by mail to an ever-growing number of customers.