Talking about healthy food on Instagram, that’s who can

According to a curious research by Doxa for Deliveroo, one in five Italians always dreams of food. Even more they photograph it, along with wine, and post it on social media.

It’s not just millennials who like to post photographs of dishes, cocktails and clubs! Who is not used to seeing people pull out their smartphone as soon as the waiter puts the dish on the table? We challenge you to guess how many photos of dough and pizza rising or baking you have seen in the last year!

Among the most interesting trends about #food 2.0 is the growing interest in healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, we note the arrival and the affirmation on Instagram of the “health influencers“, that is a new figure, strong in a specific professionalism built offline, which is engaged in an activity of scientific dissemination between stories and posts.

This is the case of dieticians and nutritionists who, first among doctors and health professionals in general, have seized the opportunities of this new medium.

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Why should Health Influencers and nutrition specialists be on Instagram?

The question comes naturally. Why should a professional with his own business – whether it is with the freelance profession or in the hospital – use social media to tell his story? There is, of course, a first reason for simple promotion: it is a way like any other to attract new customers.

But it’s not alone. In a context, such as that of nutrition, in which there are many unfounded rumors and fake news to take root, expose yourself on social networks is a real antidote, based on scientifically reliable sources.

The attention and sensitivity of an audience increasingly extended to what we eat offers an opportunity literally greedy, that we can exploit in terms of strategic business by building a content editorial plan based on the interests and curiosity of users, usable, thanks to the avant-garde of meticulous media monitoring services.

Finally, we observe how those we call “health influencers” have been able to build real communities around them. People all over Italy and not only that have acquired awareness and skills about nutrition. The return, for professionals, is therefore not only about the size of personal brand or brand reputation, but also the noble opportunity to make disclosure.

Disclosure against fake news and “hearsay”

In fact, making one’s voice heard is an opportunity for nutrition professionals to dedicate themselves to dissemination and dialogue with a much wider audience than that of customers. Thanks to social networks, in fact, you can reach those who live in any part of Italy, including those who, by choice or necessity, do not have the opportunity to confront a specialist directly.

It’s natural that on Instagram you can’t diagnose or prescribe personalised diets, but day after day the health influencers of nutrition work to spread good practices and healthy recipes. Small steps towards a healthier diet that, as has now been demonstrated on several fronts, is a fundamental prerequisite for a healthy future.

So let’s find out nine accounts to follow or consult to learn something useful about healthy eating.

Marco Bianchi, the superstar of scientific popularization

Food Mentor, scientific popularizer, author and influencer, Marco Bianchi needs no introduction. The numbers speak for him, more than 424,000 fans on Facebook and 400,000 on Instagram, and a collaboration since 2008 with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. He was born, in fact, as a biochemical research technician and just working behind the scenes, he discovered the need to dedicate himself also to dissemination. Helping people get to know each other better and understanding how to eat healthier becomes a mission.

On Instagram he shares his favorite recipes, healthy combinations, the products he prefers. In Stories, however, he recounts his days, the backstage of his work, but does not regularly disdain the opportunity to dedicate a space to dialogue with followers. Thanks to the question box, in fact, it answers doubts about food and does not draw advice and suggestions on combinations and recipes. Marco Bianchi is the superstar of health influencers on Instagram, but fortunately not the only one.

Against the “new monsters” the stories of Sofia Bronzato

Sofia Bronzato (@sofiabronzato) • Foto e video di Instagram

As a medical surgeon, she deals with clinical nutrition, Sofia Bronzato was one of the first nutritionists to carve out her space on Instagram. Thanks not only to her expertise, but also to the fact that several Italian influencers have turned to her, also creating the hashtag #bronzaters.

On her account, followed by more than 125,000 people, Dr Bronzato publishes her recipes, balanced and healthy, designed for a healthy diet. Among the stories in evidence, however, we find thematic insights dedicated to the various types of food, macronutrients and “new monsters”. This is where all those questions or doubts about the most absurd diets end. Two examples? Pineapple burning fat or blood type diet. Yes, they are falsehood, better to follow the advice of Sofia Bronzato.

@iniziolunedì, and when else?

Dott. Sara Olivieri (@iniziolunedi) • Foto e video di Instagram

This is the nickname of Dr Sara Olivieri, a young dietitian from Rome followed, on Instagram, by more than 60,000 people. The effort is not only to provide scientifically based information on nutrition (in the stories of Doctor Olivieri never fails to indicate the sources of what she says), but also to overturn the vision of the diet. Nutrition doesn’t have to be deprivation, it has to be health. And between one post and the next, the topic is also approached from a psychological point of view. Have you ever thought about how it would change the perception of sweet at the end of a meal if it was not presented to us as a “IF you finish the vegetable, you will have it”, but as a “WHEN you finish the vegetable, you will have it”?

Dietician Verdiana Ramina to talk about weaning and infant nutrition

Mother of twins, Verdiana Ramina is a Paduan dietitian, known on Instagram simply as @Verdy75.

Almost 260,000 followers for this specialist who deals mainly with weaning and infant nutrition. Crucial issues because an increasing number of scientific evidence confirms how nutrition plays a fundamental role on the health of each from the very first days.

Education also involves the awareness of parents who have much to learn here.

Don’t call it a diet! , says Doctor Fernanda Scala

Dott.ssa Fernanda Lisa Scala (@non_chiamatela_dieta) • Foto e video di Instagram

We close our health influencer advice dealing with nutrition with Dr Fernanda Scala, aka @non_calletela_diet. Bright and accurate photos highlight dishes that would also deserve the hashtag #foodporn, yet they are nutritionist-proof. Healthy, in fact, means neither ugly nor sad. And a healthy diet is balanced and can give satisfaction.

All this becomes even more true among the photographs and proposals of Doctor Scala who, day after day, helps to change the point of view and to see the “diet” as a way of eating that shows love.

Camilla Bendinelli, the dietitian-popularizer

Nutrition, science and common sense. These are the watchwords of the online activity of dietician Camilla Bendinelli. More than 60,000 followers on Instagram and a highly pedagogical approach to the world of nutrition. It is not by chance that on his site he talks about “Skuola alimentare” and among the contents highlighted on his profile we find in-depth studies dedicated to the most felt by active members of the community.

Today he is also a contributor to Starbene and other magazines. His motto? “You could learn to eat. Without deprivation.”

Silvia Goggi, for an accessible plant nutrition

Silvia Goggi is a Surgeon specializing in Nutrition Science, is co-author of the international guidelines for the planning of plant-based diets, in her clinical practice accompanies patients, mainly mothers and children, to better plan your diet. Instagram – where it counts over 240 thousand followers – is the ideal space through which to tell a plant-based diet, overcoming prejudices and showing instead the benefits.

@unamelaperdietista a day takes away bad thoughts

Francesca Oggionni is a (sweet) dietitian who deals, specifically, with female nutrition. Between posts and stories, she devotes herself professionally to delicate issues such as the relationship between food and fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding and much more – often together with little Aurora.

Not to be missed for all the posts dedicated to breakfast that, you know, is one of the most complicated meals to transform. Day by day, Francesca shares her breakfasts, always tasty, healthy and balanced.

Nutrition illustrated with @sketch_eat

We conclude our journey to discover the “Health Influencers” with the nutritionist Valeria Tabasso that we find on Instagram as @sketch_eat. The shopping list, the general advice, the properties of food are presented here in a very original way, through the illustrations of his sister Francesca Tabasso.

It is the profile not to be missed for those looking for an approach to nutrition based on competence and made in an aesthetically accurate and fun!

Nine figures, different from each other – and certainly not the only ones! – In reality they act together, stimulating the dissemination of good practices and putting in place, even on social networks, the authoritativeness that derives from their profession. In fact, the online and offline worlds are not necessarily so far apart.

The opposite is true. Competence, interest and attention for their work can also make a difference on the web, allowing them to grow from a professional point of view, but also to see an impact on the community.

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