Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring captures what your audience really thinks. Measuring real-time posts and metrics from X-Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok is fundamental to improveg your brand communication while analysing your audience’s level of satisfaction with your products or services.

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Customisation and simplicity

Social media monitoring and analysis are simple and intuitive thanks to a configurable and extremely user-friendly interface.


Real-time listening

The monitoring of posts is done in real time from all major social media: Facebook, Instagram, X-Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.


Cross-media platform

The automatic integration of social posts within the press and web review area enables a truly integrated analysis across all media.

Listen to social, reduce noise

We have been involved in the setup of social media monitoring and analysis projects since 2014, carefully selecting content of primary interest from X-Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok for hundreds of clients of all industries and sizes.

Set alerts and measure performance

Our social media intelligence tools make your life easier by allowing you to customise alerts, set up tagging and download instant reports to assess the results of your social presence.

Keep an eye on sentiment

The social media listening platform tracks the sentiment of each post, giving you a glimpse into the liking of your audience. Especially in large numbers, sentiment is an important indicator to assess the trend of conversations.

What solutions can I integrate?

rassegna stampa e web

Print and web monitoring

Stay up-to-date on what relevant press and web sources are publishing about your brand.

invio comunicati

Social media analysis & insight

Keep track of your brand's performance by monitoring all your social pages in one screen.

social media publishing

Social media publishing

Publish your posts quickly&easily and manage them with multiple accounts by PostPickr.

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